H&R Next Level Home Inspections

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Service Rates and Details

H&R Next Level Home Inspections saves you from future hassles and gives you peace of mind. Below are the services we can provide you. Simply reach out to us in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania to book an appointment.


2000 square ft: $300

2001 to 3000 Sq Ft: $325

3001 to 3500 Sq Ft: $350

3501 to 4000 sq Ft: $425 

Multi-Unit Inspection

The same prices above apply plus $50 per unit

Termite Inspections

$70 With Inspection

$100 Without Inspection.

Water Test

Bacteria (Total Coliform)

$85 With Inspection

$100 Without Inspection


$165 With Inspection

$185 Without Inspection


$175 With Inspection

$195 W/out Inspection

H&R Next Level Home Inspections.


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